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Wrestling With Wrist Measurement?

A guide to measuring for three different types of wrist wear

As I have now expanded the range of bracelets that I offer I thought it might be helpful to give you a guide on sizing. The three main types of wrist wear are bracelets, cuffs and bangles and they each have a different way of sitting on your wrist so let's talk about how that works....


These are usually flexible and often made of chain. When fitting comfortably they are slightly looser fitting and sit at the very top of the hand where it joins the wrist. To measure for this style you need to measure your wrist and then add a little extra, usually 1.5cm, so there is a bit of movement around your wrist. If you want it fitting more snugly then only add 1cm.

If you are buying for someone else then it might be helpful to know these general rules for sizing:

Small - 17cm long will fit a 15-16cm wrist

Medium - 19cm will fit a 17-18cm wrist

Large - 21cm will fit a 19-20cm wrist

Another tip is to measure one of their existing bracelets or a watch when they aren't wearing it. Just remember that if it's a watch then that's effectively the wrist measurement and you will need to add 1cm to that for the bracelet length.


These are usually wider inflexible solid metal C shaped designs which slide over the narrowest part of your wrist and sit snugly against the lower part of your forearm / wrist. If you buy the wrong size you will be tempted to stretch open and squeeze them closed again when putting them on.

Unfortunately this will ultimately end up weakening the metal and you risk having the piece crack. While metal is flexible it actually hardens and becomes less flexible when you move it repeatedly in the same area and will eventually break. Here is a link to great video that shows how to put this style on properly.

So how do you measure for this style? Take your wrist measurement as above but add 2cm to that length. This ensures the opening is wide enough to slide tightly across the narrowest part of your wrist bones.


These usually circular solid metal bands can be stacked up the wrist are designed to move up and downs the forearm when worn. The critical measurement for this design is the circumference of your folded closed hand at its widest part.

You have to bring your thumb right over to touch your little finger and wrap the tape measure across your knuckles. See the diagram below. You are trying to re-create the squeezing of your hand through the opening of the bangle. You really want it as tight as possible so that when the bangle is worn it doesn't slide too far down over your hand.

As with bracelets the average sizes for inner circumference are:Small 17cm, Medium 19cm,Large 20cm

I hope that this guide will make it easier for you to order the correct size of bracelet. However if you do find that it's not a perfect fit then don't hesitate to let me know so that I can alter or exchange the piece so it's tailored to your exact needs.

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