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Create your own legacy...

Redesigning your jewellery is a way of giving new life while honouring its past. Taking those cherished memories and transforming them into a new, unique piece that reflects who you are. These precious reminders of the past have such deep emotional connections locked inside but often the pieces aren't worn. It can be dated, too ornate or simply the wrong size. We can’t wear them or sell them so they just sit in the drawer. I can help you to resurrect these pieces and bring them back into every day life with all their positive associations.

Below are a couple of examples  of how I have given new life to some beautiful inherited gems:


Diane's Remodelling Project

Take a look at how we created a stunning, contemporary, wearable design from an old fashioned cocktail ring.

Diane had inherited a ring with a beautiful tanzanite and diamonds but wanted a more wearable style that was a perfect fit. Here's what we did.... 

Ros' Diamond
Ros inherited a diamond ring that didn't reflect her style. She wanted a contemporary setting for her beautiful stone and liked the idea of movement in the design reflecting  water and the sea.
After exploring a few options Ros fell in love with this final design which was then crafted from a mixture of silver and gold. 


Want to get started?

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