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Do you know that White Gold isn't actually white?

White gold is not as white as you think! Glance in any high street jeweller and you can see beautiful, bright, fresh 18ct white gold rings sparkling away in the window. What's not to like? Well, what you might not realise is that the only reason they are so white is because they are plated with rhodium which will disappear with daily wear.

If you look at the picture you can see the real colour of 18ct white gold and it looks sort of soft grey/ brown. This is because the higher the carat of gold the more yellow gold it contains. It's combined with other white metals to make it look less yellow but it's still not really white.

My recommendation would be that if you like the look of white metals then stick to 9ct white

gold, Platinum (see photo) or Palladium. Silver is actually the whitest of the precious metals but it's often discounted because it's not as premium a precious metal when it comes to pairing with precious stones.

If you commission a bespoke ring with me you will get honest, transparent advice. You get to choose your metal with ALL the information you need to make the right choice for a piece that is designed to last a lifetime.

So if you want to start a conversation about designing a one of a kind, unique piece of jewellery then please click here to find out more. Get in touch to arrange a free and no obligation 10 minute call so I can find out your needs and explain the process. It's a really enjoyable collaboration with all the costs transparent and up front and no hidden surprises!

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