MUM: The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth

The one who puts her kids before herself and the one you can count on before anyone else.

As Mother's day is coming up I thought I would share a few of the lovely things that people said about their mothers on my recent give away on Instagram & Facebook. I asked people to mention something their mother did for then that they will always remember......

BEST TEACHER : These are some of the things people shared about the important things their mums taught them.

Mum's are the best teachers
"She taught me compassion and thoughtfulness.I will never forget time when I was young and we walked past a car where a mother had left her small child in the front seat while she popped into the shop. The child had somehow taken the handbrake off and the car started rolling down the road. My mum jumped in the car and pulled it back over before the child could come to any harm"


"My mother taught me how to have a big open heart (and how to make amazing strawberry gateaux!)"


"My mother taught me how to cook which has become my most favourite thing to do, she also taught me manners and to always be kind to others even when pushed to the limit "


SUPPORTIVE : Being supportive in hard times is something that mums do best.

I can't read this next one without tears stinging my eyes. Looking after your child during severe illness is such a traumatic but hugely bonding experience.

"My mum supported me through a year of chemo when I was 24. Oh we had such a laugh tho! And we cried. And she rubbed my feet to help me sleep. She’d been through breast cancer twice herself already and it finally got her 24 years ago when she was only 56 and I was 32.I miss her everyday."


"I always remember my mum holding onto me whilst I sobbed my heart out. I was 19 and my first boyfriend had dumped me and at the time, I was heartbroken, but she held me until the tears stopped."


AFFIRMATION : The importance of mum's encouragement

"She always said I was a wonderful Mum, particularly with my autistic son"


My mother passed away just over a year ago. A few weeks before she passed she said “Kim, you’re beautiful. I know you don’t believe it, but you are” I’ll never forget that moment.


MY MUM: I am so grateful to my mother

She has a larger than life personality and has always been my biggest fan and supporter. I know I can always rely on her for anything and this has given me s