New Beginnings!

I've never written a blog before and of course, like everyone else starting out I wonder if anyone will even be reading! Well, no matter what I'm going to keep going and hopefully you will keep following me.....

A good place to start is to fill you in a bit about my workshop renovation. For nearly the last twenty years I've been working out of a shed. It started life as a sort of summer house / man cave for my husband who's a keen gardener. It has a dividing door two thirds across its width, behind which he used to hide his gardening tools. The larger part had the chesterfield sofa from his bachelor days which wasn't comfy enough for family living but too good to part with. So Mr Penrose would sit, reading gardening books and planning his planting in this large structure.

When kids came along it became clear that if we wanted to be around to bring up our children one of us would have to change jobs. We were both spending huge amounts of time doing international travel. While it was a huge change of pace being a stay at home mum and I loved being able to be there for my little ones 24/7 I found it really hard being out of the workplace with all it's mental stimulation. That's when I decided to go back to my creative roots and start my jewellery business. Mr P kindly allowed me to take over his man cave as my workshop and the potting bench was adapted to become a jewellery bench. I set up the smaller side as my workspace and the larger side became a showroom. As it's made of cedar it smells lovely but it's a dark wood and only one thin plank thick all the way round. A rather dark and cold place to work in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. I always meant to get it insulated but then inertia took hold and the thought of moving all my kit out so the work could be done seemed too big a task

So, twenty years on, along comes Covid and everything changes. With no customers able to visit it was the perfect time to get things finally sorted.

The lovely Rae Wildman is my knight in shining armour and has spent 5 weeks carefully insulating, cladding and painting the internal structure in white. Suddenly it's warm, light and bright and I can't wait to get back in and claim it back. The cherry on the cake is a brand new jeweller's workbench from Durston. I can't wait to start the new chapter in my life as a Jewellery designer and am looking forward to welcoming you to visit just as soon ask Covid restrictions allow

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