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Deadline Tuesday 31st Oct

Venue Leader Application

This year we are doing things a bit differently with the application process.

In order to confirm your place on the trail you will have to do three things right now :

1) Make Payment    2) Fill in the form    3) Upload 3 Images for the Leaflet 

As a SECOND STEP we will be sending out forms to every artist so they can upload more images for the website, social media campaign and PR. Their details will also be added to the artists directory on the website. As venue leaders you are responsible for making sure ALL your artists do this

Finally, please note it's essential that you or a representative attends three meetings:

  • 8th November 6.30pm Initiation

  • 7th Feb 6.30pm, Leaflet Sign Off

  • 13th March 6.30pm, Leaflet & Signage Collection


Public Liability Insurance 

Public liability insurance is essential for you to arrange for your venue whether it be your home, studio or other location. If you are hiring a venue check if they already have this cover in place.
For home venues let your insurance company know that you will be allowing the public into your home in case of damage / theft.

For mulitple artist venues ensure that they have their own insurance to cover them for the theft of or property damage.

The Henley Arts Trail cannot be held responsible for any insurance claims resulting from events during the Trail or at any other time of the year

Payment of Venue Fees

Choose the correct venue size and make payment before completing the form below

small venue
4 Artists or fewer

large venue
5 Artists or more

Keeping In Touch

We would like to invite you to join our Henley Arts Trail Participants Facebook Group and WhatsApp Group so you never miss out on opportunities or important communications about the event.

To make it easy for you to join there are two QR codes below. If you have never used one before just hold up the camera of your smartphone to the square code image and when it has focused on it a link will appear in your viewer that you can just tap to take you to the right place to register. 

Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 19.35.01.png

Venue Leader Application Form

A few notes before you get started....


  • Artists Details -  If you don't yet know the names / emails / type of media of every artist for your venue just fill in those you know and follow up via email to when you have more to add

  • Photography -  each venue will have one image on the leaflet which will be cropped to 41mm wide by 35 deep. Please choose your images carefully so they suit this proportion. We request 3 images per venue so we can choose which looks best in the context of the others on the leaflet. If you have a preference please upload in the order of your favourite first and we will take this into consideration.

  • Completed application forms - a copy will be emailed back to you for your records. Should you wish to amend the form please notify us on


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